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Live Web Casting

Live broadcast your events over the internet with leading internet live streaming providers in Kerala India.

Mobile Streaming

Our streaming video available on Desktop,Tablet pc,Android and iPhone without using any applications .

Video On Demand

Video On Demand (VOD) system is allow viewers to watch an event on website after live telecasting .

Video Production

Our video production unit is very professional and well equipped greater than other studios in Kerala.

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Welcome To The world Of Live Streaming

Vsquare tv is the most popular word used by various internet users for the last six years . Vsquaretv has created a revolution in the field of christian online channel event web casting service in Kerala . Vsquaretv reaches the whole world with the newest collection of christian programs like, Bible classes,Devotional albums,Messages, conventions and all other events. Other than Christian devotional programs , our live streaming service is available to you in your special moments like wedding, inauguration ,engagement and funerals. We broadcast your events without any denominational boundaries.

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