About Our Studio

Vsquare is a multimedia production studio based in Kerala/India with an experiance of more than 20 years.It is one of the most popular post/pre production studios of Kerala which mainly focuses in live event coverages & Broadcasting through internet.We have been in the field of realtime broadcasting for the last 8 years and had made our position fixed in the hearts of every Malayali who resides in Kerala and abroad.The live webcast being broadcasted through Vsquaretv make the viewers feel that they are watching a program that is actually being performed at the time of viewing.By God’s grace last year we were able to start a new branch of Vsquare TV in United Kingdom (UK).

Our Technology

We offer a non buffered solution for streaming live video and audio content delivery for both mobile and web based platforms.We pride ourselves on offering only the best online delivery of the video through latest CDN (Content Delivery Network) technologies that will enable you to telecast and watch streaming content throughout the world



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