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Honoring a Life: The Live Streaming Funeral Service of Chinnamma Mathew

Introduction to Funeral Live Streaming

In recent times, funeral live streaming has become an invaluable service, allowing friends and family from distant locations to partake in the final rites of their loved ones. Such services are especially crucial when travel constraints or personal commitments prevent physical attendance.

About Chinnamma Mathew

Chinnamma Mathew, aged 97, from Varpurayil House, Edamulackal, Anchal, Kollam, Kerala, was a cherished member of her community. Her legacy and memories live on through her family and friends. With the help of funeral live streaming, those who couldn’t be present in person could still honor and remember her life.

Funeral Live Streaming Service by VSquareTV Kerala

VSquareTV Kerala provided the funeral Webcastng service for Chinnamma Mathew’s ceremony. This service allowed many people to join the event virtually, ensuring that no one missed the opportunity to pay their respects. VSquareTV Kerala is known for its professional and respectful handling of such sensitive events, ensuring seamless streaming and high-quality video.

The Importance of Funeral Live Streaming

Funeral live streaming services have become increasingly popular and necessary. They offer solace to those who cannot physically attend due to distance or other constraints. By using platforms like YouTube, these services provide a convenient way to share the ceremony live with a broader audience, ensuring that everyone who wishes to participate can do so from the comfort of their homes.


The funeral live streaming service for Chinnamma Mathew by VSquareTV Kerala exemplifies how technology can bring people together during times of sorrow and remembrance. It ensures that the memory of loved ones is honored by all, regardless of their location.

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