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THE PRIVACY POLICY of VSQUARETV respects your right   about any information we may collect about you while you are on our website, alone is the owner and operator of the website.You hereby consent to and accept the terms and conditions of our PRIVACY POLICY  by using our website, only gather your data when it is necessary to help you. Additionally, we inform you of our motivation for collecting it and our intended uses.INFORMATION OUR WEBSITE COLLECTS:
  • Personal details like your name, email address, phone number, and address.
While you use the website, we may compile data on your location, browser type, operating system, website navigation, etc.OUR WEBSITE’S USE OF YOUR Private DetailsWe send you emails, and we may do so to advise you of updates to the website’s functionality or to inform you of new content.Recognize and evaluate how you use our website.Identify and stop fraud.COOKIES AND WEB BEACONS:

VSQUARETV utilizes cookies to retain visitor data. Search more quickly. We can tailor the website to your specific interests by saving information about your preferences. Refusing the use of cookies may restrict your access to some website functions.

INFORMATION SHARING WITH THIRD PARTIES:If a law enforcement agency or other investigative body demands it, we may share your information on our website. When a user accesses the website, we might utilize third-party advertising firms to show adverts.GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION- GDPR:Right To Be Forgotten: Data subjects have the right to request that their personally identifiable information (PII) be removed from a company’s storage. If the business can effectively establish a legal justification for the refusal, it has the right to reject requests.Subjects have the right to access the information that has been kept about them by an organization.Right to Object: Data subjects have the right to object to a company’s use or processing of their personal information. If the organization can meet one of the legal requirements for processing the subject’s data. It may disregard the refusal; however, it must notify the subject and justify it.Right to Rectification: Data subjects are entitled to the correction of any erroneous personal information.Data subjects have the right to view and transfer any personal information that a firm may have about them.