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Wayanadu-10th-12th January 2023

EL- ELYON International Ministries

Meeting Host By Br. JIJO VARGHESE

LIVE START @ 8:00am(IST)

The “David generation” is a term that has been used by some Christian leaders to describe a group of young believers who are characterized by their faith,

passion, and courage. The term is based on the story of David in the Bible, who was a young man who was chosen by God to be the king of Israel. According to the story, David was a courageous and faithful leader who stood up for what was right,

even in the face of difficult challenges. The “David generation” is often seen as being similar to David in that they are young believers who are willing to stand up for their faith

and make a difference in the world. Some of the key themes associated with the “David generation” include leadership, courage, faith, and service.


In this video, ICPF Camp Director-Wayanad, Pastor Noble P Thomas shares a Message from God entitled ‘David Generation 2023’. The Message is about how we as the church ought to be living, and what the Lord is calling His people to do in the coming years. Pastor Noble P Thomas, who is one of the foremost leaders in the revival movement in India, brings this powerful message to the ICPF Camp Centre-Wayanad.


Dr. P G Vargis – IET’s Founder – Evangelist, Writer, Mentor and a Social Reformer p g vargis was born in a remote village in South India. His father practiced a syncretic faith of eastern orthodox Christianity. As a young man, p g vargis tried to find meaning in all kinds of religion, including a flirtation with black magic. Disenchanted, he became an atheist. He soon began to indulge in various vices. – A Spiritual Message


Pr. Rajesh Elappara Ministering at Prayer Mount International Worship Centre.

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