Funeral Live Streaming of Tharmaraj solomon
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Funeral Live Streaming of Tharmaraj solomon

Honoring the Legacy of S.D.K Tharmaraj Solomon: A Virtual Commemoration

In the wake of the loss of our esteemed comrade, S.D.K Tharmaraj Solomon, we gather to pay our ultimate homage and commemorate the legacy of a revered figure within our community. We understand that not all can be physically present for the funeral proceedings, and thus, we extend an invitation to partake in the live streaming service. This allows acquaintances, kin, and well-wishers from across the globe to virtually unite with us in bidding adieu to our cherished individual.

Accessing the Live Stream

The funeral service is scheduled to take place at 91A Nambinagar, Nanguneri, Tirunelveli, and will commence promptly at the designated hour. Accessing the live stream is effortlessly achievable by visiting our website and selecting the specified link. This will afford you the opportunity to witness the service unfold in real-time from the comfort of your abode.

Seamless and Dignified Streaming Experience

We understand that attending a virtual funeral may be an unfamiliar encounter for many. Rest assured, we have diligently ensured a seamless and dignified streaming experience. Our cadre of experts will adeptly manage all technical facets, affording you the liberty to concentrate on commemorating the memory of S.D.K Tharmaraj Solomon.

What to Expect

Throughout the Funeral Live Streaming, you will have the privilege of observing the service, listening to eulogies, and bearing witness to the poignant moments exchanged by those in attendance. Although physical togetherness eludes us, this digital congregation enables us to collectively extend support and pay our respects.

Recording of the Service

We recognize that not all may be available to partake in the live stream at the stipulated time. Consequently, we will furnish a recording of the service, accessible on our website for a limited duration. This provision ensures that those unable to join us in real-time can still engage at their convenience and derive solace from the shared reminiscences.

Spreading Awareness

We urge you to disseminate this information to others desiring to pay their respects to S.D.K Tharmaraj Solomon. By propagating awareness about the live stream, we can guarantee that all who wish to partake in this special homage have the means to do so, irrespective of their whereabouts.


In times of bereavement, reliance on one another for solace is imperative. Although physical congregation may be unattainable as desired, the potency of technology enables us to virtually unite, bound by our affection and recollections of S.D.K Tharmaraj Solomon. We implore your presence today as we exalt the life of an extraordinary individual and bid our final adieus. Your presence, whether tangible or virtual, holds profound significance for us and the family of S.D.K Tharmaraj Solomon.

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