Funeral Live Streaming Service of Ummen Joseph
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Funeral Live Streaming Service of Ummen Joseph

Ummen Joseph (71) Kochayyathu house, Kottampally, Oachira

Funeral Live Streaming Service of Ummen Joseph

Live Streaming of the Funeral Service for Ummen Joseph

Introduction to Ummen Joseph’s Life and Legacy

Ummen Joseph, a distinguished individual from Kochayyathu house, Kottampally, Oachira, lived a life marked by devotion and service. Born on April 10, 1953, he spent 71 years embodying the values of faith, family, and community. As a cherished member of the Kottampally Ebenezer AG Church,

Ummen’s presence was integral to the spiritual and communal fabric of his community. His peaceful passing on May 23, 2024, left a void that is keenly felt by all who knew him.

Ummen’s life was characterized by a deep commitment to his family and faith. He was a steadfast figure in the lives of his wife, Lizzie (Ruhamma), who is a retired headmistress of St. Gregorios Central School in Thazhava. Together, they nurtured a family that exemplifies their principles and dedication.

Their daughters, Ancy Varghese, residing in Oklahoma, USA, and Axa Sam, living in Kottarakkara, have continued to uphold the values instilled by their father. Ancy is happily married to Sam Varghese, and Axa to Sam Mathew, both of whom have become integral parts of the extended family.

Ummen’s influence extended beyond his immediate family, reaching into the broader community where he was known for his generosity and leadership.

His contributions to the Kottampally Ebenezer AG Church were particularly noteworthy, as he played a pivotal role in various church activities and initiatives. His legacy is one of unwavering faith and a commitment to serving others, attributes that have left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate to know him.

The live streaming of Ummen Joseph’s funeral service allows friends and family, both near and far, to participate in commemorating his life and legacy. This service, facilitated by Vsquare TV, ensures that the community can unite in honoring a man whose life was a testament to faith and familial devotion.

Details of the Funeral Service and Live Streaming Information

The funeral service for Ummen Joseph is scheduled for Friday, May 31, 2024. The service will take place at Kochayyathu house, Kerala. The ceremony will commence at 0:00 AM IST, following the traditional rites and rituals observed in the community.

Family members, friends, and community members are welcome to attend and pay their respects.

For those unable to be present in person, the funeral service will be live-streamed, ensuring that everyone can participate and honor Ummen Joseph’s memory.

The live streaming services for the funeral will be provided by VSquare TV, a trusted name in Kerala’s live webcast services. The funeral webcasting will begin promptly at 10:00 AM IST and will cover the entire service, including the eulogies, prayers, and any special tributes planned.

To access the live webcast, viewers need to visit the VSquare TV website or their official YouTube channel. A direct link to the funeral live service today will be made available on the homepage of the VSquare TV website. Additionally,

the family will share the link through social media platforms and messaging apps to ensure that it reaches a wide audience.

This will enable friends, relatives, and community members from around the world to join the virtual service.

Special arrangements have been made to honor Ummen Joseph’s life and contributions. There will be a tribute video showcasing moments from his life, and select family members and friends will deliver heartfelt speeches.

These elements will be seamlessly integrated into the live stream, offering a comprehensive and respectful viewing experience.

We encourage everyone to join the funeral live streaming and pay their respects to Ummen Joseph.

The live webcast service is designed to bring together a global community in a time of remembrance and support, embodying the spirit of togetherness even when physical presence is not possible.

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